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Website Service Packages

Your site's security is important to us, and we take it serious. If you have a website running on Wordpress or Drupal, be sure to ask us about our service packages. Doesn't matter if another individual or company built it. We can help you make sure your Content Management System is as secure as we can make it.

As websites are built for specific purchases, and may include modules or plugins that require special attention during updates, each site may have a different service cost.

Standard Service Package - Options Available: Wordpress - Core Updates, Theme Updates*, Plugin Updates* | Drupal - Core Updates, Theme Updates*, Module Updates* || Premium Service Packages - Options Available: Wordpress - Core Updates, Theme Updates*, Plugin Updates* | Drupal - Core Updates, Theme Updates*, Module Updates* | Hourly Services - SEO (Search Engine Optimazation), Graphic Design, Content Creation, Content Updates,Feature Development, Web Programming || * Theme, module, and plugin updates are only available for contributed themes, plugins, and modules that provide them via the system’s update page or via Drupal Drush/Composer. All other updates are charged by the hour.

Standard Service Packages

The standard website service packages for CMS's, ensure that all installed modules, the active theme, and the core CMS are checked for updates often. Any necessary updates will be done as soon as possible.

Sites using Pantheon hosting, will have also include automatic daily site backups that are saved for 7 days and weekly backups that are saved for a month. Restoring from one of these automatic updates is also included, but should only be done in case of emergency as site data added after the last update will be lost.

The standard package does not include the addition of new features, the updating of content, non-error related styling changes made to the theme, or any other service not specifically listed. Those will be done as a separate agreement.

Premium Service Packages

Want or need more than the Standard Service Package offers, such as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service or regular graphic design work? Then the Premium Website Service Package is for you. Tell us what you are looking for and we will build the package that specifically fits your needs.

Who are Website Service Packages Best For?

If you already have a website and need help on a monthly basis keeping up with the demands of owning a site, but can't afford to hire a full-time developer, we have exactly what you need. Whether you are a small company with just one website or a large firm with multiple websites, we are here to help you. Give us a call at 405-510-0900 and we can custom tailor a package just for you!

Web Service Packages are perfect for:

  • Individuals or companies that know that they have a certain number of hours worth of web work each month, but can't afford the demands of hiring a full-time web employee.
  • People with websites that run Wordpress, Drupal, or other common Content Management System (CMS), which need regular updates to ensure that all components are up-to-date to help fight the latest website hacking methods.
  • Companies that need the ability to contact someone 24/7, when things go wrong on their website or they are hacked.
  • Creative Firms who sell websites on occasion, but can't afford hiring a full-time employee.

What are you waiting for?! Call us today to get started (405-510-0900) or use our form to contact us!